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Cheek is a new meat focused restaurant located on the first floor of an existing building on Swanston Street, Melbourne. It is a non traditional meatery including a quirky wine list in an existing long and narrow building. It re-defines the traditional American BBQ experience and moves away from the expected dark, moody, salvaged furniture, reclaimed timbers etc. The existing space was stripped back to its bare bones and reimagined in a futuristic and brutalist but at the same time in a fresh, bright and light way to add to the customer experience. The space is raw, experimental and unique, and a statement in the fast paced restaurant game of Australia. The walls are raw bricks, left untouched except for a light blue dado along the perimeter of the room. The ceilings are exposed, raw and give an almost cave like impression. Black powder coated metal banquette and table frames and black upholstery cut through the starkness of the concrete walls and ceiling. A elongated communal table runs the entire length of the room, in line with the concrete bar. Above, a neon pendant shoots the full length of the ceiling like a laser, throwing light on the raw walls and ceiling and directing the eye from the kitchen end to the windows. On one side of the room is a floor to ceiling illuminated wine shelf, the colourful wine bottles provide a three dimensional and living wall paper. At the kitchen end, an oversized meat fridge is a statement and room divider. The display sends a clear message: we are serious about meat, wine and good food; everything else is background. Photos 1-8 by Jana Langhorst Photo 9 by Pete Dillon

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