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Communico Workspaces is a shared office community in Cremorne, Melbourne. It is a sophisticated co working space catering for a diversity of styles of entrepreneurship. It ideally suits professional individuals and teams in the market for a sleek, stylish, aesthetic and yet practical working experience. The space features an inviting foyer with room for informal meetings and catch ups, a waiting area, and a small kitchenette area with shared facilities. The materials are deep and muted, evoking a sense of sophistication. The palette consists of charcoal grey ceilings and joinery, grey rendered walls, tan leather cushions with accents of brushed brass bench top. The custom designed central table adds another element, making the entrance area an inviting, casual but refined space. A formal meeting room offers space for meetings for up to eight people. The colour palette has again been kept deep and muted with acoustic felt clad walls and dark coloured furniture. There are two individual offices with acoustic felt clad walls, exposed concrete and functional desks. They allow further privacy for smaller teams. Both offices have generous glass windows into the main space to offer views and a sense of community. An open plan office area offers views to the neighbouring building, and a small landscaped garden. The ceiling is exposed to highlight the industrial approach consistent with the local area. Ceiling mounted black cable trays and track lighting are the veins of the space. White generous desks with dividing black planter boxes identify individual areas. Photos by Jana Langhorst

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