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Core Performance Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy, myotherapy and clinical pilates studio focussing on managing and preventing injury and pain. Our design focusses on the human experience, providing a calming but supportive backdrop to further enhance the journey of healing. The main focal point of the design is the curved spine wall softly following the L-shaped space. The wall acts as a visual interpretation of the human vertebrae but also provides functionality by concealing treatments rooms and other back of house amenities behind the vertical fins. The space is minimal, with a soft and friendly ambience to make clients feel welcome and safe. A light timber floor in the main Pilates area, light coloured joinery on the back wall, with a fresh green upholstery to cut through. The reception area provides further seating accompanied by a solid block reception desk. The curved spine wall angles towards the back of the space and helps with way finding, gently explaining the sequence of the studio. The treatment rooms are concealed behind the seamless ribbed flush doors, internally focussing on functionality. Soft curves in the floor finishes, generous seating options and fresh materiality together create a space that is easy to navigate, inclusive and timeless.

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