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While at home, have you ever experienced…

How it’s cold in winter, and too hot in summer?

The dust on the furniture?

The noise coming in from outside?

How about the mould in the bathroom or the spiders and bugs that find their way in?

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

What if instead you can create your dream home that is

Thermally Comfortable no matter the season.

Free of dust

A quite sanctuary

Free of bugs and other harmful things like mould and mildew? 

How about a house that is high performing and energy efficient with a low carbon footprint?

At Gruen Architecture we care about our clients as well as the environment. That is why we combine Passive House Methods with Bespoke Architecture and Interiors to create a healthy, high-performance spaces that are resilient and stand the test of time.

Currently we are offering a FREE a 30-minute consultation (valued at $235) with one of our in-house specialists. This is the first step in your journey with us, which is followed by

Pre-design & Sight Analysis

Concept Design


Construction Drawings

Passive House

Interior Design

We will be with you to guide you through each step of the process to turn your dream home into a reality.

For further details please email


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