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The design for the new Sister Of Soul restaurant is all about maximising space and creating an aesthetic which visually reinforces the venues sophisticated vegetarian food offering. Located in a heritage building on a busy Swan Street corner, one's eye is immediately drawn to the backlit stone circle. Whether it is a moon or a full solar eclipse is open to everyone's interpretation. The design uses an understated and minimal earthy palette of materials comprising textured cement, blond timbers, warm grey stone and dark green tiles. It suggests the natural, healthy vegetal menu. The bar is tucked away towards the back of the room in a dark green alcove. It is compact, non pretentious and functional. This allows the remaining area to take the centre stage, maximising the volume and natural light in the dining area. Clean minimal lines suggest simplicity, wellbeing and connection to nature. White wide spaced ceiling louvres provide a sense of scale while retaining views to the original ceiling lining boards of the room.

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